News | 15.04.2024

Summer 2024

Somehow more than two years have passed since our last blog update! Building work is still ongoing at Tuscan Workshop but it's looking very different to when we first got here. The workshop is as busy as ever, with around 9 months' worth of work ahead of us despite the boys being flat out every day! Next up after several flood damaged baby grand pianos is this beautiful antique Steinway Model A grand piano in rosewood.

On the other side of the workshop, work is beginning on a small family upright piano by a respected English maker. This piano has been in the same family for generations and our clients can't wait to see it back to its best.

Out on the road, Tom our tuner has been joined part time by Barnaby Carter from Bristol. Barney is helping Tom keep up with the continual expansion of the tuning and minor repair arm of William Young Pianos and both tuners are in great demand. Need your piano tuning? Call 07714 993171 to book.

YouTube - despite an ongoing lack of time, we do intend to make more use of our social media over the next few months, including our YouTube channel - follow us to keep an eye on what's happening in the workshop!

Pixie takes her work very seriously!

Back in Kentisbeare, Pixie continues to charm all visitors - and extracts treats from the lovely ladies at Kentisbeare shop on a regular basis! If you'd like to see what we do, view and play any of our pianos and chat to the technicians, Pixie and all her team would be delighted to meet you. Call 01884 906313 to arrange a time to visit our workshop.

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