Piano hire in Devon, including pianos for sale, piano repair and piano tuning


A cost effective way to have a piano at home without buying

After the first 6 months of renting, choose to continue with the rental; buy the piano you have been renting; or buy/rent a different piano.



When children are first learning, it’s hard to predict whether they will take to the piano or not. Many people feel reluctant to commit to a significant investment in a piano until they are certain that it will be a permanent fixture in their home.

We have always believed that the best piano for a beginner is the best one you can afford. However, many families have a limited budget and the temptation to buy an ‘old banger for now’ is understandable. However, the touch will be uneven and the tone poor quality, making it far more difficult to learn. Many students give up, because they simply can’t afford the piano they need.

By renting a piano, budding pianists have the chance to explore their studies without limiting their potential.

If you already play but have other demands on your finances, you’ll be assured of an excellent quality instrument and a hassle-free arrangement without heavy upfront costs.

Renting a property? Relocating short-term for work? In temporary accommodation? Student needing a piano for term-time or holidays?


Renting a piano will ensure that you have an appropriate instrument where and when you need it, without high initial costs or the headaches of transport or reselling when you’re ready to move or your circumstances change.




Perhaps you have more than one pianist in the house, competing for practice time in advance of exams. Or maybe you’d just like to see if your lifelong dream of learning to play in retirement is feasible after all.


There are numerous reasons why people choose to rent a piano, but you’ll have peace of mind that no matter how your circumstances change, you need never be without a piano. With our straightforward and flexible plan, you can use the rental period to decide on your next step, knowing that our friendly and experienced team is on hand throughout.