Furniture Restorer Devon, offering French Polishing and restoration.



William Young regularly undertakes restoration and French polishing projects

Over 25 years’ experience working on grand pianos means that achieving a uniform finish on large flat surfaces (notoriously difficult for many restorers) presents no problem

Recent work has included long period boardroom tables, antique dining tables, bureaux, chairs and banister rails, as well as imposing solid wood exterior and interior doors, all of which demand a sensitive approach. Both modern lacquer and traditional French polish finishes are available and William is happy to discuss your requirements in detail.


He can work in conjunction with upholsterers or other specialists to ensure that your heirlooms are brought back to their full potential. William is an experienced wood worker with many years in property restoration as well as the intricacies of piano casework.


Valuable antique floorboards and wall panelling demand a specialist restorer to ensure that they are returned to their full beauty without damage and with minimal loss of original fabric. If you’ve discovered such gems in your home during renovation work, give William a call. He can work alongside other trades to ensure that architectural antiques are conserved and restored to give many more years’ enjoyment.



with many

years in property restoration

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