Piano sales and repair in Devon, including piano hire, piano tuning and piano restoration



Vintage and period pianos are our speciality

We offer specialist piano restoration and repair service to both trade and private customers in and around Devon. I have many years' experience in the piano trade and offer a comprehensive range of piano restoration & repair services.



Pianos have some 4000 working parts; the work is highly skilled and encompasses casework, strungback (soundboard, frame and strings) lyres (pedal mechanisms), and of course the action.

Some clients require a full restoration, others merely need the instrument to be in working order for children to begin learning. All my work is tailored to clients' specific requirements, without compromising on essential work to bring out the original voice of the piano.

Keyboard repairs

Soundboard repairs

Fitting new wrest planks

Regilding frames & frame repairs

Restringing & repinning

Rebuilding of actions

We undertake all areas of technical work including:

Regulating, pitch raising & fine tuning

We take care to retain the original parts of your piano

Like any good restorer of fine antiques, I always prefer to retain original parts if at all possible. However, as with all moving parts, sometimes many years of wear and tear necessitate like for like replacement with specialist or bespoke parts. I either make or source parts from my network of contacts across the UK and Europe. As a pianist myself, I'm extremely discerning about touch and tone and never let any instrument leave my workshop until I'm fully satisfied that it's playing to its fullest potential.

In addition, I offer re-polishing services in a variety of finishes to suit your individual requirements and budget.

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