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Usually a domestic piano should require 1 to 2 tunings per year depending on consistency of temperature and humidity, whether it's been moved and how much (and to what standard) the piano is played.


It is important to keep pianos regularly tuned even if they are not played, as leaving them for too long can result in the pitch slipping so significantly that large adjustments to the pins are required.

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We were delighted to be joined part-time last year by Tom Read, an Ilminster-based self-employed tuner and technician. Tom grew up in the Taunton area and qualified from the prestigious Newark Piano School.


He is now undertaking most of our tunings, but can also advise on repairs/restoration work. When he's not working on pianos, Tom fronts The Beach Boyz tribute band www.beachboyztributeband.co.uk, the UK's premier tribute to the music of the Beach Boys.

Generally wrest pins do not hold when adjusted too much all at once; there is also the risk of snapping strings, necessitating further visits to replace bass strings (as these are bespoke) and to retune new treble and bass strings. Small adjustments on a regular basis will ensure that new strings and additional visits within weeks can largely be avoided.


Concert pianos, however, need tuning before rehearsal and again before the performance; this is because of the change in heat and humidity from warm stage lighting etc, as well as heavy playing. 

A successful tuning relies on firm tuning pins; pianos that do not hold their tune need repinning with larger wrest pins to enable the tuner to achieve the minute adjustments and stability needed given the extreme tension on the strings.

We offer fine piano tuning for all makes of piano; our clients, both private and trade, are assured of the highest standards of work.

"It's best to make small adjustments on a regular basis"

Tuning alone will not affect the touch or tone of a piano, only the pitch. However, tunings can sometimes flag up work that is required to the action of a piano to improve the consistency of touch and perhaps tone. As experienced technicians as well as tuners, we can undertake anything that can be done in situ along with your tuning wherever possible to minimise time and cost, and can arrange transport of your piano to our workshop if more extensive work is required.

A poorly tuned piano can result in several retunings to put right.