Bespoke Colour Mid Century Upright Piano

We have recently refinished several mid century upright pianos in different colours and are delighted with how they turned out! All are sold at the moment but we do have more small modern pianos coming through the workshop, all of which can be finished in your choice of colour. (The picture shows pianos colour matched to Farrow and Ball's Salon Drab and Inchyra Blue, plus one in white.)

Compact contemporary pianos like this will be available at £1850 including delivery and tuning. (We can supply a matching stool at extra cost if required, or can refinish your own stool to match free of charge.)

Price: £1850 delivered & tuned

Meticulously hand finished by our technician Henry in hardwearing lacquer (the same as you’d use for kitchen cabinets) colour matched to your choice of Farrow & Ball colour, this option gives a new lease of life to what can often be rather lacklustre mid-century cases.

These pianos are perfect student pianos, ideal for all levels from beginner to advanced, and make a stylish addition to any contemporary home. Their compact cases mean that they sit well in smaller modern homes, fitting into spaces that taller instruments may not.

If your own piano (whatever its age) fancies a new look, get in touch - we can refinish in any Farrow & Ball colour of your choice upon receipt of a deposit. Internally, we can of course undertake any work needed at the same time, from tuning and regulation through to a full rebuild.