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Chappell Upright

Project details

When you think of a traditional British upright piano, Chappell is often the first name to spring to mind. The restoration of this piano was very much an exercise in maintaining as many of the original components as we could, causing the least disturbance to original fabric possible. The action had clearly been worked on at some point in its life, and was still performing as intended. In cases like this we are able to draw on our experience, and not rush into making more changes than are strictly necessary. Retaining the character of the piano and respecting its history, at the same time as ensuring it's suitable for modern life, is imperative.

While this is a style of piano we regularly come across, the ivory keys and the internal mechanisms were in particularly good working order on this instrument. An excellent example of its type, this piano is now complemented by refinished casework, bringing every aspect of the piano up to standard.

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