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Steinway Model O

Project details

Restoring and playing Steinway & Sons pianos is always a pleasure. We felt it was important on this Steinway grand to keep the original soundboard and repair any damage rather than replacing the soundboard, thus retaining the quality of tone and the original 'voice' of the piano. The frame was re-gilded in an original Steinway gold with hand-finished lettering, and restrung with bespoke EKA bass strings - widely considered to be the best strings in the world.

Henry took great pride in stringing this piano; he owns a Model O from the same decade himself, and studied at an All Steinway School. Our work on the action, along with a new set of hammers, created a piano with beautiful tone quality, and as much responsiveness and control as any pianist could wish for. When working on an instrument of high quality such as this Steinway Model O, you can't help but admire the craftsmanship of generations past: to build a mechanical object that over a century later still has such an ability to inspire.

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