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Pianos we've worked on, from cottage uprights to concert grands

Challen pianos was established in London in 1804. The name was a respected British make and production increased throughout the early part of the twentieth century. In 1971 Challen was taken over by Barratt & Robinson, and acquired by Broadwood & Sons in 1984. By 1986, the Challen name was being used by a Malaysian piano manufacturer on its pianos. Early-mid twentieth century Challens often come up for sale and we regularly have them in stock. The majority of 1930s English baby grand pianos we see are Challens.

Superb tone, reliability and consistency have made Challen the British piano of the BBC, and won it the much coveted “Royal Appointment Award” for product excellence. Challens are popular with many people who value classic English quality. We are glad to be able to refurbish the vast majority that come our way and allow them to give many more generations of service.

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