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Rent one of our pianos before you buy

How it works

William Young Pianos is delighted to be able to offer customers the option to rent a quality used piano for 6 months with the option to purchase. Simply pay a one-off fee that covers the rental term and the remaining balance is then payable 6 months later. This method may appeal to you for various reasons, for example:

  • It gives you time when the piano arrives home to connect with the instrument; acoustic pianos can sound different when played in a domestic environment compared to our showroom
  • You are able to change the piano for another model within 6 months - if after playing it for some time you decide to go for something different, that's fine
  • It spreads the cost at no additional fee
  • It removes the worry of whether children will take to playing the piano. You can give them every chance to realise their potential without being put off by problems such as tuning stability or stiff, uneven action.

If you decide to change the instrument within the 6 month period, there is a charge of £85 as a contribution to the cost of moving the existing piano out of your home and the new one in.

If you discover that playing the piano isn’t for you, we simply arrange a collection date with you after your hire duration and take the piano away. No additional charges will be made.


Piano price (£) x 0.18 + 135 = 6 month hire price


£2000 x 0.18 + 135 = £495

Terms and conditions

Piano rentals include free ground floor delivery within 30 miles of our premises. If you live outside this area, we are happy to supply a quotation upon request. If your move includes steps, stairs or difficult access, please send full details to [email protected] and we will provide a quotation. We reserve the right to charge for delays or cancelled delivery.


It is your responsibility to ensure that a rental piano is covered under your home insurance. If any damage occurs to the piano during the rental period, you must inform us immediately. We will provide a written quote for remedial work which you are obligated to pay for in full. Pianos are of course covered under our insurance for transport.

Restore your piano’s charm

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Restore your piano’s charm

Contact our team of experts to bring your piano back to its former glory

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