Piano restoration in Devon & the UK

Our comprehensive, specialist piano restoration and repair service is available to both trade and private clients in and around Devon and the South West. ​

Our highly skilled technician Henry is an invaluable support to William in every aspect of piano restoration. As a concert pianist, Henry is also the most exacting tester once work has finished!

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Pianos currently in our showroom

Our expert technicians hand-pick a wide selection of pianos for sale, including second-hand Yamaha U1 and U3 upright pianos, plus NEW Hailun uprights. We also have a selection of restored upright and grand pianos, with many more coming through the workshop. You’re welcome to view and play any piano before making a decision and can leave a deposit on an unrestored instrument to secure it if required.



£1,200 £1,475

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Pianos we've worked on, from cottage uprights to concert grands