News | 28.07.2021

Summer time...

...And the living is easy (For some!)

Anyone concerned about Pixie overdoing things now we're in our new premises can relax! Like all of us, she has of course been hard at work since the move, and is delighted to report that insulating the building is well under way. In this photo, she's taking a well-earned break for a lunchtime cuddle - while still modelling our company uniform, of course!

While the insulation is fitted elsewhere in the building, the workshop end is already insulated and operational! We've used plywood to clad the walls for a utilitarian feel, and have planked it to add interest. We're really happy with the look and feel of the workshop already, and of course work hasn't stopped:

This lovely little 1930s Challen baby grand has undergone a full casework restoration as well as action overhaul - it had suffered significant damage to the veneer and one side had to be almost fully reveneered. After major surgery and a full repolish, this family heirloom is looking and playing its best once more, and will be returning to its Somerset home before long.

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