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Blüthner Grand Style 7

Project details

This Blüthner grand proved to be one of Henry's personal favourites, which he found difficult to give back to the customer! Built in 1907, this piano had remained in the same family from its original purchase. Unfortunately by 2018 the family were no longer able to keep the piano; it fell into disrepair and was subsequently found in a storage container. At some point in its life the rosewood case had been painted brown in attempt to modernise the piano's appearance, but had covered up the glorious rosewood underneath. It was a joy to strip off the paint and reveal the original case once more.

Blüthners of this generation tend to be beautifully designed and are very pleasing to the eye. So much so that Debussy owned an identical Blüthner to the one in these photos. Being so well made mechanically, and so well designed aesthetically, the process of this restoration was every bit as pleasing as the end result.

The piano now resides with only its second owners since 1907, and is a much loved and played instrument once more.

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